mor than a dog

"When a man is born, he is soft and weak, when he dies, a stiff crucifixion; Therefore, stiffness and coarseness accompanies death, while softness and kindness accompany life. When the army is impulsive, the war will prevail. When the tree is stiff, it will break. The great and the steel belong to the lowest part of the tree, whereas the gentle part belongs to the tree's top. '

We are born from the energy of light and the innocence of childhood and spontaneity, and then beat us life with sticks and with time we forget who we are 'Our senses are become stuffed can not give us more than just surface, we are in urgent need to re-link with our true identity and with dogs begin spiritual pilgrimage that will return us to our roots, do not try to prevent yourself from communicating with the universe. It is calling you to shine, not just your dog, just a pile of flesh, bones, and wool. It is much more. It is the path that you must follow with your eyes closed until you come back. '.