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homemade dog food recipes:  

There is evidence that suggests that behavioral problems in dogs are related to their nutrition. According to an article by the Examiner.com, dogs that are hyperactive, out of control or aggressive may have been fed diets that are not appropriate for them.  Now, just because a dog has these symptoms doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s their dog food, but it could be.

So how do you find out? Well, obviously the first thing you could try is to change their dog food.  Unfortunately, that’s not a simple process but is doable nonetheless.  If you decide to change your dog food, don’t do it cold turkey. You have to do it gradually. Mix ¼ of the new food with ¾ of the old food to start for one day. Then slowly, maybe a ¼ at a time change it day by day. Watch your dog for any unusual changes like getting sick, runny stool, etc. If so, either try another brand or keep the same ratio for a few days and see what happens. If not, then continue to introduce the new food slowly.

What type of ingredients do you want to stay away from? If your dog is out of control or hyperactive, then it’s a good idea to find a dog food that has a low level of wheat, corn, and cornmeal. If your dog is aggressive, then look for a dog food that has complete proteins present. When a dog is fed incomplete proteins they don’t digest well which can lead to undesirable behaviors.

Finding the right mix in commercial dog food is sometimes hard. Many people, therefore, look for homemade dog food recipes to try their hand at making their own dog food.  If you decide to go this route, make sure to consult a vet or dog nutritionist before making the change. When you make your own dog food, you can control the amount of wheat, corn, cornmeal, and types of proteins found in the dog food.
I read an interesting post that talked about the difference between ingredients and nutrition in homemade dog food recipes and I have to tell you, it was a good eye-opener. I mean, I usually look at the ingredients that are listed on a commercial dog food product and/or look at the ingredients in a recipe, but I’m mainly looking for those things that are harmful or questionable. I really didn’t consider looking at it as being nutritious.

In the blog post by Garry Neale, he says, “It’s not the combination of ingredients that determines the quality of your dog’s diet and whether or not the dog’s nutritional needs are being met, it’s the blend of nutrients”. So even though what’s listed on the ingredients, it’s really the interaction of those ingredients that really determine if the meal is going to be nutritious for your pet.

 Given dog food can contain certain ingredients that have no nutritional value or that can’t be digested by your dog.” I guess you can think of it like eating at a fast food restaurant or eating at home. The ingredients themselves at a fast food restaurant are not harmful in themselves, but they are not necessarily nutritious for you, especially if you ate at a fast food restaurant every single day.

Nutrition is the quality of the homemade dog food recipe. Ingredients would be the quantity if you will. It’s much better to have quality over quantity and in the same way, it’s better to have nutrition over ingredients if that makes sense. That is why it is advised that you consult with your veterinarian or a dog nutritionist before you use any recipe that you find on the internet. While the recipe you found may have all “valid” ingredients (i.e., nothing harmful), the recipe itself may not be nutritious for your dog. Also, remember, what might be nutritious for one dog may not be nutritious for your dog. Nutrition also has a lot to do with the breed, age, health and activity of your dog.

So play it safe, evaluate the nutritional values of any homemade dog food recipes that you find before feeding them to your pet.


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