The rules of educated dogs

I need to close the entryway when I enter the washroom until the proprietor knows the points of confinement of protection.

In some cases I need to overlook requests to protect some nobility.

The garbage authority isn't deceiving our stuff.

I don't have to all of a sudden stand straight up when I'm resting under the footstool.

I won't move me toys behind the cooler, behind the couch, or under the bed.

I should move the water out of my hide before going into the house.

I won't eat them felines' sustenance, before they eat it or after they toss it up.

I will quit endeavoring to locate the few residual bits of clean covering in the house when I am going to become ill.

I won't hurt in the vehicle.

I won't move on dead seagulls, fish, crabs, and so forth since I like the manner in which they relax.

I won't eat any more Kleenex or napkins and afterward, redeposit them in the back yard in the wake of handling.

The diaper the bucket isn't a treat container.

I won't bite me people's toothbrushes and not let them know.

I won't bite pastels or pens, particularly not the red ones, or my kin will think I am draining.

At the point when in the vehicle, I won't demand to have the window moved down when it's drizzling outside.

We don't have a doorbell. I won't bark each time I hear one on TV.

I won't take Mom's clothing and move everywhere throughout the lawn with it.

The couch isn't a face towel. Nor are Mom's and Dad's laps.

My head does not have a place in the icebox.

I won't chomp the officer's hand when he comes to in for Mom's driver's permit and vehicle enlistment.

I won't play the back-and-forth with Dad's clothing when he's on the can.

I won't eat mint-enhanced dental floss out of the washroom refuse, to abstain from having a string hanging out of my butt.

I won't utilize "move around in the earth" as a choice soon after getting a shower.

Staying my nose into somebody's groin isn't a satisfactory method for making proper acquaintance.

I won't bump on any individual's leg since I think it is the proper activity.

I won't flatulate in my proprietors' countenances while dozing on the cushion beside their heads.

I won't roll in from outside and promptly drag my butt over the floor covering.

The can bowl isn't ceaseless water supply and in light of the fact that the water is blue, it doesn't mean it is cleaner.

I won't sit amidst the family room and lick my groin when the association is here.

All of a sudden pivoting and smelling my butt can rapidly clear a room.

The feline is certifiably not a squeaky toy, so when I play with him and when he makes that clamor, it's generally not something to be thankful for.


My name is Samir nadri calls me friend, magician, because I have a unique talent is the ability to dive deep in others and expressing best of them, I love writing books I have some motivational books and novels, said Wayne Dyer ' who are we in the end, only Windows through which reflect creative energy To illuminate the paths of this world which is getting gloomier every day ' I love dogs because they give us a lot of lessons and make us talk to ourselves like limpid water.