Can shadows enhance our relationship with our dogs?

For thousands of years, we humans have been trying to 
understand the phenomena surrounding us and everything we do is no longer enough to give us a true understanding of our identity, the place we are in, nor the depth of our connections with those who live with us or near us. The light and where it goes when the dark comes, these questions made me confused by my question and asked after it Is everything remained? And I took note of my observations about this phenomenon, which I the thought had a strange psychological reflection.

Does everything have a shadow?

If you ask any child what the shadows are or what are 
formed, you will be astonished by the kind of strange answers he can tell you. I once asked a little girl where she made the shade, she said from the chalk chopsticks.
From a scientific point of view, shadows are a complex phenomenon and not as simple as we think You will see that flowers, pets, tables and virtually everything else have a shadow. Any object – living or nonliving that can hinder light can shape shadows. Sometimes things can hinder light which means that no light is capable to reach through that object. ... This spot where the light can not grasp is called a shadow.

I had a plan to go out on a walk with my dog ​​and tried to get home early to keep this promise. We had not left the house for almost three days. I was busy in the office and his face was getting darker and darker. He just moved his tail like a scout greeting.

On the day that everything was ready to go out on a picnic, we were surprised by the heavy rains and we saw people running outside looking for a place to protect them from cold drops of rain. A week later the sun shone again. I was holding Ernest Hemingway's novel 'The sun is shining again' The sign from heaven came out to I and my dog ​​had a snack and arranged it in minutes and then we went out, it was all fabulous and I felt we wasted a lot of time and we missed ourselves a lot of rest and fun.

Can dogs see shadows?

We walked around a bit and met new friends and I felt inside me that those shallow psychological shadows inside me began to withdraw after the light of that tour with my dog ​​was flooded ... Among the trees my dog ​​disappeared for a moment after running to fetch the disc you threw him away .. I waited for a a bit but did not go out I found him in a state of anticipation and attention observable alertness of the reflected shadow that moves whenever the dog moves and stops with it I stayed watching for a moment did not feel my presence at all and there is nothing else moving in its scope.

Do dogs understand shadows?

The process of perception usually comes after the senses 
capture the effects and information from the medium in which we live, so if we consider the view of scientists that dogs are unable to distinguish all colors in the chromatic spectrum like humans if we do it means that dogs are unable to understand The essence of the shadows But at the same time, there is a spiritual dimension that makes it easier for dogs to absorb the hypothetical shadows as well as their ability to glorify the shadows because they are of nature related to the hidden and distorted aspects of objects and objects.

So it is good to pay attention to the behavior of your dog and his reaction when he sees the shadows because it can contribute to the treatment of many of the problems that are undesirable. In this issue we react to four types of shade:

 1 - your dog's reaction to his shadow:

 And the presence that surrounds your dog when there is a relationship of fusion between his body physical material and this a fragile body called the shadow. The longer your dog spent the longer the moment the quieter and became a deeper sleep.

2 - Your dog's reaction to your shadow :

 this type of reactions can feed all the blockages and gaps in the energy field that connects you with each other and it is good to maintain a level of silence when you notice that your dog be aware of the presence of your shadow beside the shadow and exercises or games The dog owners are advised to stand with your dog along a barrier of shade so that you can hide your shadow as you move to the other side and you can only show you shadow once you get back where you are ... then move this movement with your dog as he observes, Your dog will hold your back whenever you feel confused When it disappears, it is also good to record your dream and watch it with your dog whenever there is an opportunity to do so ... this will enhance your communication in an effective way.

3 - Your dog's reaction to rigid things such as table and column lighting and others:

 where your dog will recognize that these things are not possible to enjoy the same energy and vitality that he and you enjoy. But try to walk around with him at different times of the day until he notices the differences in the corners of the reflected shadows on things that will focus the dog's energy on different dimensions of what his existential being is.

4 - Your dog's reaction to the vibrant things that swim inside it like trees and other animals:

This kind of shadows Keep your dog in a harmonious tissue with creatures that fluctuate on the same frequency with him and through it will gain a sense of security and reflected on his relationship with you and your family members.


 Some owners of dogs around the world may consider this article to be written by a madman or someone who wants to cast a joke. Others may think that shadows are mere illusions or forms that have no effect on our lives and relationships with each other or with our animals. Which occurs when our gloom meets its shadows for the first time. The same thing reminds us of the first time one of our children saw its shadow ... This long talk about the shadows leads to a deeper understanding of things that strengthen our connection with the universe and our dogs specifically and at the top of that list which regulates the health matters that must We commit ourselves to our dogs With energy, wellness and vitality comes this spiritual concept of shadows.


My name is Samir nadri calls me friend, magician, because I have a unique talent is the ability to dive deep in others and expressing best of them, I love writing books I have some motivational books and novels, said Wayne Dyer ' who are we in the end, only Windows through which reflect creative energy To illuminate the paths of this world which is getting gloomier every day ' I love dogs because they give us a lot of lessons and make us talk to ourselves like limpid water.