how will my dog handle a new baby?

how will my dog handle a new baby?

how will my dog handle a new baby?

Not all people are ready to accept a new arrival to the family, so they look like a great step child step and critical at the same time between two lovers and lived together for some time . Especially when those two people might have taken by another child is covered with a pile of fur and more challenges that will upset them is how to prepare a dog for baby ?

The story  that told by my friend Jasper:

he came back after a day of fun and challenging work and accomplishment in his way he tried to bring a surprise to his wife or girlfriend, he remembered that she wanted once in a dog stays with her when he goes at work or traveling to an important deal. When he enters the door also attended a surprise she said: ' I'm pregnant ' 
congratulations this sentence changed your face like jelly.

how will the little Mason handle with the gentle Mason?

It was the face of my friend Jasper evidence concerned the next phase with his girlfriend Pamela, he could not hide his feelings about this topic.
While they're looking at each other, I noticed Pamela decorated box carried by Jasper behind him, she thought he knew the news she's pregnant so bring a gift for the occasion.
Jasper left silent and then take out the box and opened it was surprising cute puppy small white color like cream then asked Pamela strange question do you think that Mason will love this puppy?
My friend felt surprised that dog salesman told him that his name is Mason, how will the little Mason handle with the gentle Mason?

what will change in the family pack?

when a family joins a new baby to the "pack", parents work hard together to adapt to the new circle. Sometimes, nevertheless, dog owners find themselves in an unfamiliar position. especially their primary "baby" has some difficulty setting when the first human baby comes. Dogs are sentient beings and, not unlike how an adult kid might strap out at the difference in a family pack, your dog may feel as healthy. Often a dog's response may just be one of care when the new baby comes home. It could take several days for him/her to get satisfied with the new fragrances and noises and a variation in attention. In some extreme cases though, a dog can begin to show aggressive behaviors about the new baby. This is when it can get critical.

Check your dog's behavioral archive in dealing with: 

children transition to the new family situation requires answering some important questions such as whether your dog's previous experience in dealing with children?
How do you evaluate those experiences are positive indicators contain or warns of the possibility of change in the dog's feelings so jealous and will act as the trend that inevitably would be undesirable consequences?

If your dog has been shown to kids and hasn't responded with agitation, that's a good indication. If she hasn't been around them much, make an try to gradually and fully ease her into susceptibility to a kid you know that is good with dogs. This will not only be a good tester for you, but it will also help her get used to these new and exceptional new beings.

Make your dog casual with all of the new things
Baby swings, cribs,... New kids come with A Bunch of things. Set things up and practice them a bit; You could even do these things with a baby doll in hand for added impact You'll also want to begin to train your pup landmarks like the preschool and the bed so they will get used to the concept that there are new limits to their space.
When your dog will recognize the limits of their own space and others to square signals and enable respect for other space that develops when your dog is feeling that the newborn is also a special space deserves would like other adult humans and will evolve with time into a more peaceful. And intimate with your son.

Planting the seed of love inside your House, reap more fruits:

Osho said ' love is a tremendous force chisel all worlds and make it a vibrant beauty and harmony '
Not as different dogs from humans so much, are even more emotions energy sensor so it is important to balance the attention and interest among your affection towards your dog and your son and whenever you are in harmony with this emotional energy as embodied in front of you more gifts and miracles in the form of compatibility between your dog and your son and you will In the latter in the form of spiritual depth supports deeper desires.


We are a community of owners dogs lead us eagerly and enthusiastically to maintain stability, which constitutes our world whether humans or dogs or even plants, so we must prepare a flexible plan and the Court creates the greatest harmony and comfort among family and to do that we must first learn the art of appreciation But regardless of the differences and advantages when we practice rites of acceptance is overflowing love, beauty and tranquility of our beings to change the world that surrounds us, so the next time you sit with your dog and your wife and your new kid look at everyone as a flower from the garden one family name. and you-you is the gardener.


My name is Samir nadri calls me friend, magician, because I have a unique talent is the ability to dive deep in others and expressing best of them, I love writing books I have some motivational books and novels, said Wayne Dyer ' who are we in the end, only Windows through which reflect creative energy To illuminate the paths of this world which is getting gloomier every day ' I love dogs because they give us a lot of lessons and make us talk to ourselves like limpid water.