Can dogs detect illness in humans?

 Can a dog detect illness in humans?

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer:

Since my childhood I was obsessed with novels that combine mystery and romance and excitement and drama, novel German writer Patrick Süskind'" Perfume: The Story of a Murderer" from among the novels that I remained rooted in my mind forever, even after 20 years, and that more of it will stick Is converted to a regular movie, no breathtaking reflected events that you read on paper and I tested it across a surface after turned into vivid scenes of me but do you watch any scenes that novel fragrance is fundamentally based on the idea that the hero was amazing capacity in smell resembling the dog's ability to smell.

The influence of media in our understanding of the depth of our senses:
We've all heard from another source or maybe a friend or through the media, we heard about scientific studies done on dogs to learn its capabilities and which senses are the strongest, and the results were compared to the human sense of smell is the most powerful senses of dogs, but do you really understand your sense of smell when the dogs?

How we lost our sense of smell forever:

Our ancestors had old enjoy clean senses card due to the presence of pollutants in the environment in which they lived and because of the lack of influence of our  information or informational programming minds on what is good and what is bad, especially when it comes to exploration, he played a crucial role in olfactory game tracking campaigns hunting as well as in predicting the danger before it happens but with time and the evolution of discoveries.

 Oops, humans that some discharges that pay it no longer desirable body like sweat, think about perfumes cosmetics industry that removes odors that are originally a vital part of course of our physiological and thus humans smell forever so it licks the most programming between Our Senses.

Can a dog detect illness in humans?

But the best what happened then that energy never senses fade away but was added across the universe to our senses those objects that were more willing to uphold the giveaway nature has indeed become our dogs can smell stronger than the animals for miles.
Albert Einstein once said: ' energy continue to swim across the universe and never fade "
From this perspective, we can subtract a crucial question to what extent we can exploit our dog's ability to smell in making our lives better?
Already advanced research centers today talking about a vital area where they found that dogs can smell the disease at an early stage which gives doctors a chance to eradicate these diseases before it reaches danger.

Is it true that dogs can smell cancer?

Aromatherapy is considered by our body like signatures recapitulate that no one can imitate him.
So when our bodies become a cancer patient begins our bodies send those smells that we cannot distinguish them because our sense of smell us, paralyzed or inactive either our dogs can distinguish them as an early warning to be dealt with before it's too late.
Other tests in new years have proved that dogs can identify a variety of cancers in humans, including:

Breast cancer
Bowel cancer
Ovarian cancer

In French, an amazing German Shepherd has been trained to smell out the bladder, Breast cancer. She has a85% success rate - that's helpful than some lab experiments done.

How Do Dogs Smell Cancer?

While humans essentially rely on intuition to understand the world, dogs slowly rely on their sense of sniff. Their noses include millions of extra scent-detecting cells than humans, with an impenetrable folding membrane of smell cells and tissues.

Here are the top 5 dog breed with the best sense of smell: 

German Shepherd
Labrador Retriever
Belgian Malinois
English Springer Spaniel.


One of the most important lessons we must learn from our dogs are living in accordance with nature and the desire to support our senses and activated to give us more immersion in life experiences.

As our dogs are in many areas of life such as compass leading our ship to safety you should appreciate this direction and guidance we offer in return more openness to learning.


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