why are dogs afraid of thunder and lightning?

Have you ever wondered why are dogs scared of loud noises or thunder

reasons why your dog is afraid of Thunder and loud noise 

Your dogs' ears strength be quite fine-tuned. This happens a lot in purebred dogs, but it's really that dogs have better hearing than humans. This is why they can hear ultra-high sounds but this is also why they are afraid of such loud noises; to them, it is a lot louder than it is to us.

 The sounds effect up inferior memories. If loud noises make your dog scared then it could be reliving a bad trauma. For dogs, healthy and fruitful memories quickly clear out the bad, but if something very traumatic passed to the dog then this could appear in a neurosis. There are stories of dogs that are afraid of thunderstorms who loved them until a tree smashed a window and showered them with glass. Because of this horror, the dog forever correlates the environmental sounds of thunder with being maltreated and you have a scared dog on your hands.

 The static before a storm topples your dogs' fur. The static load before an electrical storm can be sensed by humans as well as animals; it's why the hair on the back of your arms inflates even when the clouds are still on the horizon. A dog threatened by a thunderstorm might not be scared at all, it might just be very awkward.

 Our dogs have superhuman abilities to communicate with spirits and invisible objects for us humans, so they are often sensitive to what's coming from other worlds and dimensions.
A friend of mine told me, that his dog didn't leave the House for nearly three days before a hurricane hits Louisiana, he noticed that his dog tries to advise as a warning about is coming, although the weather was bright.

If you own a dog and have some faith in scientific paranormal things, I'm sure you ever wondered what is the meaning of karma and its effect on your dog's energy?
A lot of ritual and worship when people talk about the concept of karma, which means you might have been in a previous life, a dog your owner is the same dog that you have now. roles are flipped and nobody knows what will be in the next version of this life, he might become both a dog owned by Someone else.
This was probably because our dogs' painful experiences in past lives are when they hear thunder spiritual reconnect with that copy of life when it wasn't dogs and were something else.

A dog’s sense of hearing is second only to his sense of smell in terms of superior energy and insight. Dogs don't have the best vision, but they can repay with their other senses.
In What Way Is Dog Hearing Better than Human Hearing?
Dogs hear a voluminous range of frequencies than humans. Human hearing can distinguish sounds starting at 20 hertz and ranging up to 12,000-20,000 hertz, depending on age. However, dogs can hear in the range of 40-60,000 hertz, depending on breed and age. Dogs and humans both waste some capacity to hear higher frequencies as they get older. Higher frequencies compare to a higher-pitched noise For this reason many dog owners questioned why are dogs scared of loud noises or why dogs scared of thunder?. For instance, a dog signal allows a sound between 16,000 and 22,000 hertz. This is out of range for the hearing of most humans but in the middle of the range of dog hearing.

The anatomy of the middle and inside ear is approximately the same in humans and dogs. Both have an eardrum or tympanic membrane. Both varieties also have ossicles or tiny bones in the internal ear that echo and send beacons along the auditory nerve to the brain. The original key to better hearing in dogs is the 18 or more fibers that measure a dog’s pinna or ear flap. These various fibers provide a dog to finely tune the point of his ear canal to confine a sound, hear it more perfectly, and from farther away. For this reason, dogs with elevated ears, such as terriers, tend to have an excellent hearing to dogs with floppy ears, such as hounds. It also means that dogs are much more sensitive to loud noises than are humans. Loud noises that are tolerated by humans may be scary or even disturbing to dogs

Interestingly, dogs are born deaf, with fastened ear canals. Most puppies’ ear canals will open by 10-14 days after birth. If a dog does not seem to hear by 3 weeks of age, he should be inquired for deafness by a veterinarian.


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