what kind of dog did the vikings have?

viking hunting dog the legendary weapons

Over thousands of years have proliferated in the
 mythology stories this human race as historians sometimes barbaric in sophistication and superiority in military and combat techniques, sometimes they were using, especially at the level of the sea and the huge boats prepared for invasion.

Accordingly, the physical building owned enormous compared with other races and warriors, but none of the historians talked about the animals they raised or trained to hunt.
Indicate a lot of effects that Viking had the absolute culture appreciate and respect the enemy so it wasn't surprising that affront if tow fighters and one doesn't take place until death.
But the strangest signaled in that block the mysterious human type dogs that have grown and that they depended on performing many tasks besides fishing as a primary function.

The Norwegian Elkhound founded in Scandinavia numerous thousands of years ago. These powerful talented hunting dogs were honored by the Vikings who used the breed for hunting bear and Porcupine, the moose, Remains of this breed have been found embedded beside Viking remains and their weapons beginning back to 7000 BC, which means this breed's value within that culture in early times.

The Elkhound is a very powerful yet versatile breed that is known for its stamina, particularly in hilly mountain terrain. They have a bold temperament and are usually friendly. This breed is very people familiarized and needs to be actively concerned with its family pack. They do well around kids essentially when started at a young age and well prepared.

This breed is supposed to be average in size reaching 20 to 24 inches at the shoulder and weigh 42 to 65 pounds on medium. They have a tiny fairly built body with a solid straight back. Its tail is clearly curved up and over to meet the back.  The head is wedge-shaped yet broad and the muzzle is black, thick and narrowing but does not come to a point. The ears set high on the head and are firm. They have a grey weather-resistant double coat that needs little grooming. Elkhound pups are born black and in a few weeks become grey as their skin occurs. They ultimately turn silver - grey with black saddle showings.
The Norwegian Buhund breed has been recognized in a Viking grave, dating from about the year 800. The Vikings were assumed to use this breed, to guard farm animals, herding cows, and sheep. There is an indication these dogs toured extensively with the Vikings on land and sea. In ancient times, they hunted bears and wolves.
There are legends say that the Vikings were using this type of dogs in the graves of the dead who have left their women become prisoners of war they think through their religion that pleases the gods.


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