if dogs can cry ,Who says dogs can't sing?

the truth about dogs howling and singing

People sometimes try to controversial questions may be answered part of supernatural and sometimes that might be interfering with the privacy of others, for example among the weird questions.why are dogs afraid of thunder? or what noise does a cow make?

Our dogs live like us in a world full of noise and sounds, they are not dumb.

Frequently, trying to do some things to respond to the sheer amount of sounds around her either by bark or by sounds as a strange musical note are a mixture of bark and another level of audio performance.
Of note among many dog owners that there are two levels of the popping sounds of dogs one normally always happen because it represents their communication language and the second happening in certain situations and events require attention from us.
So we must distinguish between dogs while howl and dogs while barking.

6 Reasons Why Do Dogs Howl?

1. Dog howling is fellowship coordination and homing radar
 Well, in the wild, wolves and wild dogs howl to bring explorers back to the crowd after a hunt. Dogs who live behind howl to provide the area of their field. So, one of the answers to, “Why do dogs howl?” Is that the genetic makeup of these wild creatures surfacing now and then although domesticated and adapted to living with humans still keeps its primitive communication patterns that were at her predecessors.

2. Dog howling is a defense mechanism

When we live with our dogs for a long time arise between us and them a strong bond based on key factors I love and intimacy and the second is security.
So through the programmed days our dogs at an advanced level of sensor everything danger for her and for us to protect the sacred bond formed between us.
Frequently, try our dogs alert us to danger coming at the level of things you don't notice that our senses don't have the same ability to hacks that have our dogs and usually before a position, we feel awkward when they start to howl without specific reason but there must be a reason.
And sometimes our dogs howl as an advance warning when approaching someone with negative energy and dogs have the extraordinary ability to see good people and know people who could cause trouble.

3. Dogs howl to attract attention

Every dog has a rhythm of playing, you might be concerned about some business or home after a hard day and full of tension and stress, your dog tries to play but you don't respond because you're not well among the tricks used by your dog to attract your attention to engage with him in play, starts to howl and often work out the Order and find yourself without feeling started him on an activity.

4.The howling of a dog sometimes when you see ghosts that we can't see.

In many ancient Eastern civilizations, people had when they hold the body of the deceased for burial note that dogs begin to howl and said she sees many Spectra remote spaces of creeps are racing on the dead person's energy.

5. Dogs howl to attract females:

do not forget that the origins of the dogs were very close to the wolves, so they are used to attract attention as high-tech howling females even those living thousands of miles away and often howl accompanied by certain smells are effective in this process that doesn't pay enough attention to her.

6. Dogs howl, too, when you hear the music they are trying to respond to the emotional effects of music in its energy.

This does not mean that there are talented dogs howl harmonious degrees of peace music, many studies have proved that there are certain breeds of dogs like music and have the talent to sing using howl and scientifically must understand that dogs are part of the universe, the universe and everything in it energy Waves and waves of music is also overlapping between dogs and structure between waves rich energy field produced tones.

Pet dogs howling can be a similar expression, particularly if you’ve been out of the house all day.
Dogs howl to beckon their loved ones back home.

From a scientific spot of view, dogs reasonably can’t sing like humans can since they don’t control the vocal cords required to produce sounds like we do, in fact, there are only two other kinds of animals that can and those are dolphins and parrots. Unless, there is just no way that a dog can make any sounds like we could, let solely sing.

But from my point of view? Yes. My dog has a very impressive howl. Tell my dog that you admire her? She will try to say the same to you, and she can get very approaching by using her howl. Sometimes, she will just howl for no reason, and it absolutely sounds marvelous. I wish that more people could hear it, for they will think the same thing I do.

I can’t explain it. Words don’t do it justice, and sure, I may be over-exaggerating it and freaking out over my dog doing something as simple as howling, but it is something that I can’t ignore, and I never want to.

So, whatever. Maybe dogs can’t actually sing, but her howl is music to my ears and I’ll take that over fresh songs any day.

9 Dog Breeds That Love to Sing

2.  Basset Hound

3.  Miniature Schnauzer

4.  Coonhounds

5.  Pomeranian

6.  Yorkie

7.Alaskan Malamute

8.Norwegian Lundehund

9. Maltese


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