helpful tips to dog thunderstorm anxiety

dog training noises in thunder and loud

1. These are some ways that you can help your dog to not afraid of Thunder tried to take it with you to the pub where the lighting is like lightning and sounds be elevated, and in order to do this you must first go through an initial stage Park your car near a bar many nocturnal sounds, light and note his reaction And try to communicate with him physically when he notes that he began to feel nervous.

2. Bought a huge tv and get rid of the old tv and try to bring movies contain a lot of wind and rain and storm scenes and hugged your dog in your arms and have some time to watch these kind of movies with time your dog will get used to it and linking it to spend quality time with you, it becomes normal for him when What happens in reality and there's a storm or thunder.

3. Make your dog hears calming music for dogs during thunderstorms.  in the market and prepared by experts specialized in animals heard this kind of effective programs and adjust your dog's brainwaves throughout the day and time with your dog's brain will become stable in rhythm makes him ready to accept surprise and high levels of Sounds and lights drivers like thunder or storm surges or hurricanes.and prepared by experts specialized in animals heard this kind of effective programs and adjust your dog's brainwaves throughout the day and time with your dog's brain will become stable in rhythm makes him ready to accept surprise and high levels of Sounds and lights drivers like thunder or storm surges or hurricanes.

Why Are Some Dogs Scared of Storms?

As stated above, there is no consent over the cause of a dog's fear. Fear may be caused by the loud noises of thunder, rain, and wind. On the other hand, it may be the change in an air mass that upsets and disturbs a dog. Some dog owners remark an increase in their dog's fear as they age and begin to drop their hearing. Moreover, typically, dogs that are afraid through thunderstorms are also scared of fireworks and different loud noises. So, the sound is absolutely a big contributing factor.

Blow phobia can be seen in all breeds of dog, but it is thought that acting (herding dogs, hounds, retrievers etc) and sporting dogs are more sensitive to storm anxiety. It is also obvious to see storm phobia in rescue dogs, which is perhaps due to a fearful training. This suggests that a dog's fear of thunderstorms is caused by genetic parts and early life. In other words, it is both nature and training.

Desensitizing a Storm Phobic Dog:

Desensitizing can establish usefully, but is by no means a resolution for all dogs. It is a much progressive process of showing a dog to low-level storm effects while providing an enjoyable experience, such as a game, personal treat or lots of strokes and fuss. Even if powerful, this can be a very long process, because it must be renewed many times and the sound of the storm effects should be developed by minuscule amounts each time. This is a very complex process, which, if not handled perfectly, may make the dog's fear worse. Therefore, if a dog shows any signs of fear, the process should be stopped quickly.


Depending on the cruelty of your dog's storm phobia, a veterinarian may order anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medication. On the other hand, you may prefer to take the essential route. There are a number of holistic anti-anxiety treatments, such as acupuncture, hydrotherapy, massage or herbal remedies. But, it is wise to seek the guidance of a vet before examining any of these choices.

How to Help Your Dog During a Storm?

Most importantly, do not shout at, or chastise, your dog for his, or her, behavior when afraid. Remember, he, or she, is doing out of fear, not being disobedient, and an annoyed owner will only intensify his, or her, panic.

If your dog has a special hiding place, for instance under a bed, ensure that he, or she, can get there without trouble. You may also like to provide special blankets in your dog's hidey-hole of choice because these will help to diminish the vibrations

Dogs receive by the community. Puppies do not show to be as hit by storms. Dogs are habitually at least a year old before they show signs of anxiety and worry. They could be connecting our uneasy behavior previous to and through hurricanes; or, it could be from their own happenings, such as being ambushed outside, or home alone during a bad storm.

In order to survive an important menace, as with humans under stressful situations, dogs release cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone built by the adrenal gland and released by the hypothalamus, a part of the brain. It supports us, and our dogs cope with combat or flight conditions,

At symptoms of the next hurricane, recognize your dog. You may see him or she appears anxious, pace, drool, pant, whine/howl, cover or cling to you. If disease, they will have a struggle getting up, or driving, because of swelling of their joints.

It is a fact, as static electricity intensifies, there are dogs that become statically energized. They may want to hide in a bathroom; in the bathtub, or behind the toilet. Essentially, some dogs seem to know the need to ground him or herself. Don't be astonished if they want to hide in their crate, a closet or under a bed. Others, feel saved in a more open space, such as a gallery.

Your dog's feelings of smell and hearing are more alert ours. They can notice subtle changes as the barometric stress drops before we do. Watch for signs. You may see their nose is in the air, as they smell changes in the ozone, caused by lightning still distances away. When below pressure moves in, it changes the way scents travel; normally lower to the ground.

They can hear thunder before we do. Be cautious. The fear of being caught during a storm could make your dog's hostility rise or influence a need to bolt.


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