do dogs understand watching ?

can dogs learn from watching tv?

Before there was life on earth, and before there was a fragrance of noses, there was one flower that was the forerunner of flowers. Before that flower there was a halo of light and that aura of creative energy was like a drop from the ocean of creation as written The philosopher Lautsu in the doctrine of Tao That there is a form there was to form 'and no-from there burst the volcano of life with everything that is picked up by our senses and enjoy the degree of ecstasy that trembles deep.

The universe is springing up with energy, even though I can see it and feel it only if we clean our energy channels and our senses become extremely sensitive. I have a lot of questions and amazing stories from dog owners around the world, despite their different ideas and their races asking me if our dogs can catch what you see on television Or does the dog understand what he sees on the phone screen and there is a gold in his questions to the limit asked me Marta of Ukraine 'Can her dog learn by watching? Then she says my dog watches tv all the time.

Based on my professional experience and my knowledge, there are many studies that have shown that all animals can learn by watching either direct viewing or through multimedia media such as television or telephone and even by the phonograph. The German researcher Schoberger documented in his research in phonics that he conducted experiments on More than 52 dogs of different strains' The experiment was to hear these dogs for vocal recordings folklore in front of the dog to touch one of the colors on a matrix prepared in front of him, and already succeeded 32 dogs in this experiment to distinguish between different types of Songs and music to the extent that the dogs were mapped in a different and fixed way according to each particular pattern.

What supports this idea and makes it acceptable to the human mind, despite its crowding, is that energy scientists view the universe as a condensation of the waves that resulted primarily from our thoughts, feelings, and consciousness. Hence, any creature can connect to this infinite cosmic information source only if it knows the appropriate code. Animals are always in the strongest and the most complete situation, unlike us humans. This code is usually exposed to pollution, damage and loss of direction.

So our dogs the longer they spend with us the more time the universe facilitates the transmission of waves that are originally information transmitted by the universe to all the surrounding plant world or the animal world in Japan One of the owners noted that dogs love the Beatles and enjoy more when he sees on television And not when you hear it through a radio. Also that the consciousness of man includes the patterns of representation during learning from the perspective of the science of NLP, our dogs adopt this form of learning systems so that there are a dominant one of all senses and that sense is the appropriate mode to learn and explore The world and taking into account that the strongest original sense of the dogs is the smell does not necessarily mean that it is appropriate to learn because the dogs evolved from their consciousness and methods depending on the changes that occurred to the owners and the universe.


My name is Samir nadri calls me friend, magician, because I have a unique talent is the ability to dive deep in others and expressing best of them, I love writing books I have some motivational books and novels, said Wayne Dyer ' who are we in the end, only Windows through which reflect creative energy To illuminate the paths of this world which is getting gloomier every day ' I love dogs because they give us a lot of lessons and make us talk to ourselves like limpid water.