best female and mal dog names ever

One of the biggest challenges to meet dog owners when buying a dog is what call especially if that name which will support him or will call her effect on personality and energy dog.

Many energy studies have proven that the name to call our dog not merely sound waves, but is more like software code to do many deep secrets in your energy field with our dogs, After weeks of searching got this wonderful list containing best male dog names, best female dog names some of them are unique dog names, original dog names.

If you have just bought yourself a new dog or pup, the next critical step is to give it a unique dog name. You may choose dog names that are famous dog names, female dog names, male dog names or even funny dog names. What is essential is that you like it and that it gives your dog his unique personality.

Imagining of a one-of-a-kind dog name for your pet can be a challenging responsibility, particularly since it will be with your dog for life. The dog name that you choose will say as much about you as it does about your dog. It shows how you observe your dog and your relationship with it. Some dog names appear like male dog names and some sound like female dog names. Some dog names are funny while some are pressing. It does not involve what brand of a Dog Name you are looking for but it is very crucial to pick a Dog Name carefully. Some names like Killer, Wolf, Tiger, etc. can be scary to people who are already fearful of dogs. Your pet dog will be a vital part of your family. Therefore choose a name that you won't mind asking out time and again.

A different point to view when picking a dog Name is whether you would feel satisfied calling out to your dog at the top of your sound in public. Some unique dog names like Stinkball or Dumbbell may sound amusing at the beginning but can leave you feeling ashamed in the partnership of a crowd.
When creating unique dog names for your pet do consider whether your dog will be able to identify his or her name from normal daily requirements. So, the dog name that you choose should match with some dynamic trait of your dog. You don't want to give your big strong male dog a cute name like Twinkle Toes or Sugar Plum or a very big powerful male name like Fang or Goliath to a gentle female dog.
It might seem like it's effortless to just choose something at random! Your dog's name reveals how you feel about it and, more than that, it's an explanation of your concern and care for your canine partner. A few ideas should be all you need to make a transcendent name choice.

Old Greece gives great inspiration for dog names with heroic male monikers like loyal Ajax, the mighty Hercules, Achilles, and Ulysses, as well as female names like Hera, Athena, and lovely Aphrodite which would well fit just about any female dog!

Napoleon, Patton, and Sherman are unique name options from history for any male dog, exhibiting the native toughness you see in your hound. What about Diana for a girl? Lovers of pop art needn't be shy in exposing that love through their dogs. Leia, Bella, and Hermoine are good dog names for any female dog just like McClane and Conan are for males.

Nature has many competitors for names as well. Is your dog dependable, reliable, and most importantly big? How about Mountain? A loud, powerful dog might be called Thunder. Vigorous dogs of either gender can simply wear the name Storm. A wild and insane lady dog could be called Tsunami. Mist is a fabulous name for a dog that either loves the water or is just calm and soothing to be around.

If you want something completely unusual in a name one thing you can do is choose a name you like in English and then look for the translation of that name in other languages. You do need to still adhere to the norm in choosing a name that is short and easy to say. This will make it easier for both you and the dog to get used to the name that you will be using many times during the day.

If you are a lover of nature and spend a lot of time outdoors with your dog, there are many nature names you can choose that are unusual. Some suggestions for you to think about are:

- Breeze

- Cloud

- Crystal

- Fire

- River

- Eddy

- Stream

- Storm

- Spring

- Sunset

- Autumn

- Tornado

- Thunder

Here are some suggestions for cool dog names. But before we begin here are a few more tips. Don't use dog names that seem related to very common words and commands like 'go, stay, sit, eat, come, run' etc. The hugest mistake down owners do is giving the dog a cure name that matches well as long the dog is young and still a little puppy but sounds silly for an adult dog.

Different not so excellent idea is to name the dog after people you know. They might not be very happy with that. Here are some ideas on how you can find a good dog name:

If you love sports:

Name your dog after your favorite team or the city in which they play.
For example:
"Dolphin" is only cool if your dog likes to float. "Miami" is a very cool name.

Name them after your favorite sports star. Their last name or nickname is normally a better option. This, of course, depends on their name.

The sport itself- Hard to turn into a cool name. Here is a couple:

If you like mythology:

Hercules - for the old dog
Persephone - fabulous for a mama dog
Athena - for the tough female dog
Zeus - the "king"
Apollo - particularly good for blond haired dogs
Helena - Pretty female
Pandora - Interested female, maybe she is continuously getting herself into "situations"
Achilles - fighter dog
Odysseus - the "traveling dog"
Diana (Roman) Selene (Greek)- She may love to howl at the moon
Thor- For the "genius"
Aphrodite- loving female
Shiva- The multi-faceted female
Kali- Fatal female
Artemis- Female dog. Protector of women.
Hades - "tough" male
Poseidon- male water dog
Chaos- self-explanatory

Ramses - "master"
Osiris-"king" or maybe a dog that approximately died and lived.

If you like music:

Van Halen


Beethoven - Might be too over-used

Other Genres-
Hip Hop
Folk music

If you're into traditional books/literature:
Consider your favorite authors and personalities. 

Here are a few thoughts:
Moby - great for big dogs
Gatsby - hound dogs, beagles, all manner of hunting dogs...
Mariner - fits especially well if your dog likes water

If you're into art:

Van Gogh
da Vinci

Other interests to choose from:
Role-playing games



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