my dog's best friend

Love and friendship together, thrive life "dogs are man's best friend"

Friends are people who will be there for us when we really need someone the most, but then there are a few who are to enjoy with us and run away when you need someone the most. There are the some that let us be ourselves but there is always that one person who is so close to you and you know that this person will realize even your stillness. This person is more like a family to you and you know even at 4:00 AM you can make this one phone call and this person will still be there for you.
Often we need to talk with someone to feel comfortable, but sometimes call somebody, he apologizes because he's busy or because it's late at night, or maybe there's no balance in your phone or network interrupted every minute.

Friendship is one of the most harmonious connections you can have. And it is even better with that special friend who you love the My best friend and I support like crazy, at times I even pull her leg saying that I am going to get married to her. We both share one main thing in familiar, we both love dogs and the best part is she has one of the pups that my lab had given birth to.

We both keep on talking about the pups and telling each other how naughty they are. Sometimes she even asks me what to do if a dog is not well since she feels that I know a lot about dogs since I have had them for the past 7 years.

Apart from our dogs, we talk about our dilemmas, about things that bother us. We make it a point to talk on a regular base. No suspense, there are days where she gets confused with me or vice versa, but then in the next second, the excitement is gone and we are happy again. Between both of us, I am short tempered but with her around, I cannot be angry for too long, she will always find a way to make me laugh.

Life has not been fair to both of us, but we still are ready to trust each other and know that no matter what happens there is this one person on this earth to whom we do not need to prove ourselves.
For and ask God the question: ' what is the commonality your girlfriend and your dog, I'll answer this question ' each accepted my character without conditions or prejudices this holy grace.
 There are Two people you do not need to explain what and why you did it. Who does not care if you are right or wrong but still stands by you in front of everyone and shouts at you if you are wrong when no one is around.

I had a cute dog, makes me smile when you beat my life. I used to talk to him like a human being like me, no one from the family was willing to hear my nonsense, and what distinguishes our conversation is that my dog didn't have those bad habit in humans, no effort is made to convince that he cares about me, it was happening spontaneously, unlike humans who pretend always.

My dog follows me everywhere and share with him everything until the girl I love, made him licks it before our first kiss behind the old church and how was the kiss between us warm in the day of rain.
And when it ended my relationship with this girl that I loved her, after she died of cancer, was my dog is from gave me solace at the funeral and put his foot on my ankle and looked me deeply and barked softly, his voice was different that morning, his voice was like a litany of Viking music, among all the presents in the cemetery, I felt the river  Of light emitted from it and go through me.
While people were chatting in a natural way, some laughing, others scratching around memories, my dog stay like a mountain in stillness, even its tail settled on Earth and was not moving, as usual, was conscious  that that moment means a lot to me, and he knew that that corpse lying within the wood box means a lot to me.

It was the first months after her death, the great 
tribulation, I didn't have a lot of options, I felt the frustration and unhappiness and rejection, was my dog is helped me to recover, and when the opportunity came to love another woman, I speak to him again as I always did in my date with the new girl approached the Here's her tattoo and then looked at her and lick her knee while she stands stunned and scared.

One morning I woke up before sunrise and I walk with my dog up to the Lake and we swore not to allow anything to differentiate our friendship. And we were both still sleepy was slow like a snail.


My name is Samir nadri calls me friend, magician, because I have a unique talent is the ability to dive deep in others and expressing best of them, I love writing books I have some motivational books and novels, said Wayne Dyer ' who are we in the end, only Windows through which reflect creative energy To illuminate the paths of this world which is getting gloomier every day ' I love dogs because they give us a lot of lessons and make us talk to ourselves like limpid water.