Man’s Dog Is His Best friend At Wedding

dog of honor

When I watched a film with Made Of Honor the duo performed by duo Patrick Dempsey and Michelle Monaghan

I wondered what if I fell in love suddenly and came at the moment of the wedding I will choose to be the honorary who will walk behind me and I hold my wife's future hand?
These pre-nuptial moments are often stressful for many married men. After you have compiled a list of all the friends who are nominated to be the honorary friend who will follow the fiancee who will soon become your wife, here you must put another name in your list.

But tried to find him on a striped Scottish skirt as beautiful as it happened in the film.
Some couples find that their "fur-babies" are just as much as part of their family as human family members and friends. Therefore, it's obvious to see why many are now making the decision to include their dogs in something as serious as their wedding. While "dogs in weddings" is not a completely new event.

You can now find dog clothing, formal attire, accessories and more to make it easier than ever before to include your dog in your wedding. But before you make your ultimate decision about including your dog in your wedding, you should first consider your dog's attitude.

While the idea of including your dog in your wedding ceremony may be great, it could be less fun in fulfilling if your dog does not have a temperament who can tolerate such movement. As much as you love him, you don't want him to ruin the wedding. So you need to be sure that your dog is prepared and that he has the personality to allow him to be part of the wedding.

If it's really important to you that your dog be there, then there are things you can do to help make it easier on him, you and your guests. If you are working with a wedding planner, try to find one who is experienced with adding dogs and/or pets to the wedding ceremony.
It is not uncommon anymore to see dogs at weddings. Most often it is either the bride or the groom that brings them along. Usually, this is because that dog has been with the owner for a while. They figure that since they are a part of the family that they are as important as any other guest or family member that would come. Sometimes the bride or groom will also have the dog there to help them with being nervous.

Often times you will see the dog play an important part such as the ring bearer. It is a cute and heartwarming moment to see the dog come up with the ring before it is taken. It makes for a very memorable moment. It also makes for some great pictures. It is best when they dress the dog in some cute clothes for added effect. If you look, you can find some great dog clothes online, and even little wedding tuxedos for the male dogs, and wedding dresses for the female dogs with a little veil.

There have been cases of other animals being part of the wedding, but dogs are the most common. I also believe that they are the most socially acceptable as well so their presence is tolerated more than other animals. Some wedding planners have said that around 30 percent of the weddings that they coordinate involve pets, namely dogs.

Celebrities are also bringing their dogs to their weddings too. So now you don't have to feel like an oddball if you want to bring your dog to your wedding. You can only hope that they will be well behaved during the entire thing. Now the question is whether to take them on the honeymoon or not. If it were me, I would not.
The woman you married believes that the honeymoon after marriage is something special only in both of you. There is no place for your dog and she will treat him as an outsider that threatens your first delicious moments.


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