Lost Symphony that is sought by everyone except cats

Once upon a time, someone played strange music that made the world dance

There are lots of sounds in nature that have been swimming for thousands of years, some are annoying and others make you feel happy and happy. That morning Albert Einstein told his students at the University of California 'If a man can invent one day a device that picks up sound waves that float through the universe, we can hear the oldest sounds that have occurred or been issued thousands of years ago'.

One of his students, who had been sleeping since the beginning of the session, asked him: "Can we really hear any sound that was issued before?" Albert replied, adjusting his glasses yes, even those sounds that came before you came to this life through a womb of your mom.
From that day on, the student began to look into this idea and turned to his life project. One day while lying in bed beside his sleepless cat and his sleeping dog, he left the sensitive sound recorder open to working on his graduation project. He finally found the symphony that everyone is looking for but cats do not like.


My name is Samir nadri calls me friend, magician, because I have a unique talent is the ability to dive deep in others and expressing best of them, I love writing books I have some motivational books and novels, said Wayne Dyer ' who are we in the end, only Windows through which reflect creative energy To illuminate the paths of this world which is getting gloomier every day ' I love dogs because they give us a lot of lessons and make us talk to ourselves like limpid water.