A 9-year-old police dog who served with SWAT team retires in grand fashion

Heroes shadow in our hearts forever

Today there are many superheroes living in the shadows, perhaps because they have not received the suitable appreciation from their community, and perhaps because they do not like the noise that comes with fame and the media, but when the critical moment comes they walk confidently into danger.
They are the ones we depend on to keep our families and children safe, and who we trust to overthrow whoever wants to destroy our dear country.

Some fools may think heroes should be only human, but that's a big mistake. There are many heroes who walk on four feet but they have given us a lot of sacrifices we have never heard of. We have to give them back even if they send Gratitude to them wherever they are.
One beloved dog who worked with a California police force's SWAT team retired in grand fashion thanks to the K-9's fellow police officers.

The Bronx, a 9-year-old, Belgian Malinois served beside his handler, Senior Officer Chris Dalton, for eight years at the Bakersfield Police Department in California. He took his last walk down the department's hallways on Jan. 5 and was met with applause and greetings.


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