The Best Organic Dog Foods

Is it important, or is it just a bubble?

Novel "prayer, love, food" for American writer Elizabeth Gilbert, which turned into a movie screenwriter, I still remember a smile heroine Julia Roberts when she smells food and herbs.
The quality of the food we eat control the quality of our feelings and our thoughts, not just us but even dogs that live with us and with our families, they are other worthy to give it food free from toxins, food gives more energy and vitality.

what is dog organic food?

These days, going eco-friendly and organic is all the rage, and you can see people striving to make a change in their lifestyles and their eating habits. So why not include dog food in the organic crusade? Sales of organic dog food are going up, and this is due to the fact that pet owners who are trying to eat well also want their dogs to do the same. People are starting to think that the usual commercial dog foods aren't the best option (especially with dog food recall) and that organic dog food is the key to keeping their dogs healthy.

Many dog owners are convinced that organic dog food ensures better health for their pets. However, there haven't been any studies or reports that make such a claim, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) itself also states that the main difference lies in how the food is produced and processed, not in their nutritional content.

Organic dog food is becoming more and more popular nowadays as it's considered to now only be good for your health but also environmentally friendly which in today's world of 'clean and green' is a factor. In general, the price of organic dog food is somewhat more expensive than that of normal dog food but it is money well spent as a healthy diet is the key factor in keeping your dog healthy and by your sides for many years to come.
What is Organic? Organic refers to food that has been produced on an organic farm without any use of synthetic chemicals, or GMO's. Recent studies have proven conclusively that organic foods are higher in nutrient content than conventional foods, as well as being free of pesticide residues, additives, and preservatives.
But what is organic dog food anyway? Many people seem to think that organic dog food means that there is something unique or special about the nutritional content of the food but the reality is that this has nothing to do with it. It has more to do with how the food is made and processed.
An example of this would be whether the protein or meat that is contained within the dog food was fed organically and thereby free of chemicals and pesticides in its raring. If a cattle beast, for example, was being slaughtered and used in organic dog food then to be true organic dog food that cattle beast would have had to be fed on grass and grain that had no fertilizers or pesticides used on it. This ensures that the end product (being organic) is truly organic. If the cattle beast was raised and feed on grasses and corn that had fertilizers and pesticides used on it, then the end product could not be considered organic.
The government defines organic as all organic food production and processing is monitored by a strict set of rules and adheres to a minimum set of guidelines. This applies to both human and pet food. To be sure the pet food you choose is really organic check the label. Look for some of these of symbols - Organic Food Federation, Certified Organic Ingredients, and in the UK, The Soil Association. If you see these symbols you can be assured the processing and manufacturing of the dog food is tightly controlled and is held to a higher standard than commercially processed dog food.

What You Should Know About Organic Dog Food

In recent years, more and more people have found out about organic food and its benefits, and they're interested in knowing whether their pets can benefit, too. After all, no one wants to expose their dog to harmful chemicals. However, the tight regulation on human organic production just isn't present when it comes to pet food. That can make it hard to find the right food for your dog. Is organic dog food really worth your time and money, or should you stick to the conventional stuff? Here's what you should know.

First, you should be aware that pet food just isn't regulated the way that human food is. We don't have outside organizations looking at what our pets eat to make sure that it's safe. That means that while a pet food with the organic label is probably at least partially organic, you don't know how organic is being defined or what percentage of organic ingredients it really has. It might be wholly organic and just as high quality as your food or made with a high percentage of conventional ingredients.
This is why it's so important for pet owners to take up doing their own research. They need to use the same techniques to choose their organic dog foods as they do to pick high-quality conventional dog food. Check out the percentages of the ingredients and their quality, and decide whether or not the food would be considered good for your pet, even if it weren't labeled organic. Then, you can start looking at the actual organic ingredient content.
How to start an organic food trip with your dog?

In this day and age, it seems that the dog owner is making great efforts when it comes to feeding their dogs the proper food for better health and longevity.
The questions then arise are what you should feed your dog? Is organic dog food the better choice? It's a great question and many opinions on the subject.
It most likely will come down to personal preference and possible educating oneself - after all dogs are meat eaters and their system is created to handle that better than anything else.
One of the challenges is to switch your dog's diet to organic foods and you may discover that it requires baby steps to do so. Here you have several tips that may help you if you choose to go the organic dog food route.
How to set up the feeding schedule. It's important to choose the right time to introduce organic dog food. The morning feed could be a great opportunity since the dog will be extra hungry especially after the morning walk or another exercise that goes on before breakfast
How much should you feed and when? In the beginning, it would be a good practice to set a time limited for the dog to complete the meal. Once the time is up removing the food and this may encourage the dog to finish the food quicker the next time. When you're feeding organic dog food you do not leave any leftovers in the bowl since chances are the food will go bad quickly.
Snacks and treats should be used with caution. It's not a good practice to feed between meals unless it's rewarding good behavior. We know how cute dogs can be during meal time. However, dogs will quickly become a pest, especially around meal times if food or treats were handed out. This habit is a challenge to break and it's best to not start it at all.
Once the organic dog food is a regular meal it's a good practice to have several options of food available to the dog, so you're not feeding the same every time.

In Conclusion
Do not be fooled by marketing or packaging or clever catch-phrases on the commercially branded dog foods. Be sure to look for the Organic Food symbols mentioned above, these are your only insurance that a higher level of standards has been imposed on the manufacturing and processing of the dog food. If you are wondering why the price of the organic dog food is higher than store-bought dog food, besides a higher level quality of ingredients, there is also a governing body watching over the processing of the food. They are your seal of approval that the food your dog is eating is safe and nutritious. Isn't your dog worth it?


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