How to make your dog look like a fashion star?

make your dog shine like a fashion star:

Each of us has a favorite star, a rock singer or even a fashion designer. But we all love something different, maybe his story, his way of speaking or his style of life. In the world of dogs, it's not different. We can do some no inexpensive arrangements to make our dog look different and unique as if we had never seen it before.

Getting the proper type of dog clothes for your puppy has become very essential these days. The Civilized community has finally come that not only you want to look the best but also want your dog to look stylish and cool.

A friend called and invited you to his party, or your parent to attend a family reunion, or you are planning to go on a date or with a bunch of friends having prepared yourself to look at the best view, you see your dog glued at the door is sad also wants to go out to see the world.
 After that you decided to take it with you has become the biggest problem is what should it wear to pose with a couple missed admired friends and irritates the zealous?

The problem is divided into several levels:

1. choosing the right colors:

Dog fashion collars may be used to get your pet dogs acquainted to being clothed. And they are also an alternative for dogs who cannot wear clothes. You see, not all dogs will wear clothing. Some may show resentment, but that can be trained. And some are just plain naughty and will chew on everything around including the clothes you put on them. Lucky for these dogs to be treated and given attention like a true family member, at the same time, unlucky for them if they don't want to be dressed-up similar to that of a human baby.

Dogs are smart pets and can be very loyal if shown enough attention and love. They are good followers too and may be trained to abide by their owner's command. But each pet owner needs to understand also that pets have individuality and personalities which need to be taken in consideration especially when imposing a task or command to them. If they show resentments in dressing up, do not push it too hard instead encourage them.
Dog collars are used typically to control a dog. Fortunately, modern dog collars are stylish and fashionable. They are available in a variety of fun colors like lime green, hot pink and black & white animal prints. Some collars have rounded rhinestone letters spelling out the name of the dog. These letters are detachable and can be used on any other collar. There are others that have stone studded letters marked on them. Decorative collars that are thin with rubber foam-backed are available for smaller dogs.
Fashion collars are designed to suit the personality of a dog. Very often, the material used for the collar and the color largely depends on the kind of dog wearing it. Most fashion collars are tailor-made to fit a dog flawlessly.
Renowned fashion houses like Gucci design fashion accessories for dogs and other pets. In fact, pet accessories are one of the most flourishing businesses today. Some designers have created some of the most beautiful accessories for small dogs. For the sake of intensifying beauty, designer collars and diamond-studded collars are available in dog parlors and dog salons. These accessories can also be obtained from many websites on the Internet. Some fashion collars are also available at wholesale rates.
Dog boutiques design and manufacture fashion collars that fit different types of dogs that are extra-small to extra-large. The list of fashion collars includes fabric collars, preppy striped collars, and trendy dog collars. Silver star collars are classy black leather with silver stars studs. Crystal cluster collars have three rows of dazzling Swarovski crystals and a D-ring in the center. Gold and silver crystal collars are metallic with large sparkling crystals. Velvet collars are also very popular and quite affordable.

Most fashion collars are expensive. However, many dog owners are discovered that their dogs exhibit the same chic fashion statement as they do, and do not mind the price as long as the collars are fashionable and elegant.

2. choose the right size:
Dog fashions are all the rage and have become quite affordable for anyone and everyone to enjoy with their dog, but not everyone knows the best ways to get their dog's size or how a garment should fit to avoid accidents. Choosing the right size for your dog is very important, we always want our pets to be safe and feel relaxed in whatever they wear. 45% of all online dog apparel sales result in returns or exchanges due to improper sizing.

The first and most important thing you should know before you begin to buy for your dog is his/her measurements. You should write them down and always have them with you just in case you see something you can't resist.
The most important places you'll want to measure are:
The chest (circumference) measurements should be taken at the deepest part of the chest, which is usually right behind the front legs. This measurement is most important, so make sure you don't exaggerate your dog's chest by adding inches for more room and if you wrap the measuring tape to tight you will lessen the measurement and end up buying something too tiny.
Then measure the dog's length from the back of his neck to tail. This measurement should start from the middle of the back of his neck right to the base of his tail. This measurement is not as important as the chest the length of the garment can vary and will be up to you whether you like him to wear his shirts long or short.
When measuring the dog's neck (circumference) you should take the measurements around the lower middle of his neck.
If you have a breed with shorter legs then you'll want to stick to short sleeves unless you're purchasing from a store that makes their own clothes then you should provide them with his front leg measurements to ensure proper fit. The leg measurements should start from his underarm to right above his ankle. The length of the sleeves are very important, you don't want your dog to wear anything with sleeves that are too long, this may cause accidents.
Every dog clothing manufacturer has their own sizing chart, study it carefully for most charts won't suit all dog's so the most important thing to remember is the chest, as long as the chest size is right then it should be ok. If you're buying online then you should provide the online store with his measurements, just to ensure you'll get the right size. Some online stores will make the garment to your dog's measurements, this is a great feature for anyone but greater if you own a Dachshund or Crested or any hard to fit dog.
If you're buying for a puppy from an online store then it's very important to let the store know, what kind of puppy, how old and how much does he weigh. This is important to the seller can calculate what your dog's size will be by the time you get your combination.

Dressing your dog in different clothes for different occasions is lots of joy... after all, your pet is part of your family too. Just use common sense in choosing what size for him as we, wouldn't wear anything uncomfortable. Like babies, they can't tell us what's too tight or loose so it's our responsibility to choose the right size for them.


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